Blockchain records your data once and stores it forever, but what about the quality of the data itself? Ambrosus combines blockchain with sensor systems to create an end-to-end data integrity solution for enterprises. Ambrosus turns sensors into reputation-scoring oracles – a trusted source of information for distributed ledgers.


Multi-layered blockchain

From enterprise Masternodes down to sensor networks

Open-source infrastructure

Customisable reference implementations and gateways

Data integrity

Strong security and information protection: decentralised and scalable

Flexible build

Modularity and flexibility enables rapid adaption to new regulations

Portfolio of dapps

Tailor-made blockchain applications for enterprises and consumers


Fast and easy integration into legacy software and hardware

Hardware Expertise

Marking and Identification

Identifiers (serial number, 1D/2D bar codes, RFID, NFC) and Tracers

Quality Assessment

Non-invasive analysis, Product characteristics, Ultrasound sensors, Printed electronics

Item Surroundings

Location, GPS positioning, Temperature, Movement, Light, Oxygen

Physical integrity

Packaging and sensor integrity, Quantum dots ink, Printable electronics

Data transmission

Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, Satellite, Proprietary protocols

Data-centric approach



Protocols and SDKs for Sensors



Authentication, Digital ID and Serialisation



ERP Integration, Dashboard, APIs

Existing Products

Ambrosus network Alpha


Create assets and events for your supply chain on the blockchain. Our APIs connect sensors and legacy software, while the protocols enable secure storage and flexible management of data. Our core protocol is fully open-source.

Mobile Product Checker


The power of the blockchain at the palm of your hand. Any Android/iOS-compatible device can read/scan packaging of products and information about the origins of ingredients, conditions of storage and safety checks in an intuitive user-interface. Personalised features and loyalty points are also included.

Supply Chain Dashboard


Efficient management and monitoring of all supply-chain processes is essential for any enterprise. Trustworthy data alone falls short if it's not supplemented by robust and flexible software that makes inventory management, audit and payment processes frictionless and smart.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplace


Stop buying empty promises. When using Ambrosus, sellers now have to prove their claims about products. All goods are sold and linked via digital tokens that serve as certificates containing immutable data pertaining to the quality of the product. Our marketplace comes with full integration of cryptocurrencies, identity and reputation systems, setting a new standard for supply-chain transparency.

Browser for Commodities


For industrial manufacturers, quality assurance of raw materials is critical. Be it purity of metals or sustainability of wood, quality aspects are key differentiators for buyers, and are accordingly factored in to price. Our browser permits efficient discovery of commodities based on client search criteria.

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